Izzy's Ice Cream permanently closes shop in St. Paul

One last scoop (plus an "Izzy") of green tea ice cream outside Izzy's St. Paul

One last scoop (plus an "Izzy") of green tea ice cream outside Izzy's St. Paul Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

Someday, we鈥檒l look back on the slow roll canceling of summer 2020 and find the final nail in that coffin of our long-awaited sunburned joy.

Sure, closing beaches, every festival, and evenbasketball courts sucked. But this fresh announcement from Izzy鈥檚 Ice Cream? It feels like the 鈥榬ona鈥檚 coming for our warm weather treats, too.聽

The Twin Cities' ice cream purveyors known for rich, inventive flavors and adding tiny bonus scoops atop their purchase have just announced the permanent closure of their St. Paul location.聽

The shop had been in business for 20 years.

鈥淲e have so many memories of happiness, good times, and people coming together in serving the community,鈥 the company said, via statement. 鈥淲e thank you from the bottom of our hearts for buying our ice cream, supporting and being ambassadors for our business, waiting in all those long lines for ice cream, and for allowing us the honor to hire your sons and daughters to scoop ice cream over the years.鈥

Locals knew to gauge the severity of a heatwave based on the length (not the presence) of those lines, which regularly snaked out of Izzy鈥檚, down Marshall Avenue, and occasionally around the block. Frequent customers worried about the damage we, personally, were doing to those aforementioned sons' and daughters' wrists. And on downright tropical days? Izzy鈥檚 made the perfect pit stop while biking up that stupid hill鈥

Nothing to be done about all that now, though.聽Longtime customers of the St. Paul parlor will surely recalibrate to Izzy's Gold Medal Park location.聽聽

鈥淎lthough we will be operating solely in Minneapolis now, we still consider ourselves a St. Paul company,鈥 the company continued.聽

The Gold Medal Park shop is set to reopen for business on May 4, offering delivery-only service within a five-mile radius.聽