10th annual Twin Cities Veg Fest rescheduled for September 2021

Fans of cruelty-free food at the 9th annual Twin Cities Veg Fest

Fans of cruelty-free food at the 9th annual Twin Cities Veg Fest Courtesy Compassionate Action for Animals

Sorry, vegans.

It appears Twin Cities Veg Fest, the Midwest鈥檚 largest plant-based food festival featuring 100-percent vegetarian and vegan fare, won鈥檛 happen this year.

Fans of the fete will have to wait what feels like a whole entire聽lifetime (at leastat the rate聽quarantine is passing) before they鈥檒l get to sample delights like lavender glazed donuts, coconut-based cheeses, dairy-free cupcakes, and pineapple smoothies 鈥撀燼ll bonafide hits from Veg Fests of yore.

Bust out those planners (or maybe buy one for next year), because event organizers haven't canceled the event entirely; the 10th annual gathering has been pushed back until September 19, 2021.

Yet again, COVID-19 can be blamed for the postponement of Veg Fest, which drew more than 10,000 attendees to Harriet Island Regional Park in 2019.聽

鈥淲e are sad to not host and experience the festival with the community this year, but after following updates from the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health, we are concerned that an event of this size may pose health risks in 2020,鈥 said Laura Matanah, executive director of Compassionate Action for Animals, the festival's host organization.

鈥淲e also want to be sure that we have the financial capacity to put on the festival the community expects, with cooking demos, free samples, and speakers,鈥 continued Matanah, gesturing at concerns that putting on an event in 2020 would mean suffering from challenges that can鈥檛 be separated from the (fiscal) effects of the virus鈥 even if it were safe to gather en masse at the originally scheduled date.

In lieu of an immediate IRL hoopla to unite the plant-based community, Matanah suggests fans of Veg Fest participate in the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge, scheduled to take place throughout October 2020.