Best of

the Twin Cities

City Pages is turning 40, and we have no plans to grow up any time soon.

But as much as we still enjoy snark鈥攂oth ours and yours鈥攊t鈥檚 nice to mix in a little positivity, say, once a year, and throw compliments the way of local businesses, attractions, stars, and unsung successes.

The City Pages Best of the Twin Cities issue does all that, or tries to. Trust us, disagree with us, write us nasty notes. However you feel, we鈥檙e happy that you keep coming back after all this time.

Best Theater Troupe Theatre Coup d'Etat

Best Play Guthrie's West Side Story

Best Director Wendy Knox

Best Actor C. Michael Menge

Best Theater Mixed Blood Theatre

Best Dance Company TU Dance Company

Best Choreographer Alanna Morris-Van Tassel

Best Dance Performance ICON SAM: Temple Dances

Best Movie Theater Lagoon Cinema

Best Standup Comic Rana May

Best View Kellogg Boulevard

Best Weekend Getaway Duluth

Best Way to Spend $5 Riverview Theater

Best Way to Score a Date Recommending something at a grocery store

Best Waterpark Bamboo Bay

Best Vintage Shop FindFurnish

Best Victimless Crime Giving someone your MetroTransit pass

Best Toy Store Mischief Toy Store

Best Thrift Store Old School by Steeple People

Best Tattoo Parlor Tailorbird Tattoo

Best Bagels Meyvn

Best Doughnuts Cardigan Donuts

Best Bakery Aki's BreadHaus

Best Diner Mickey's Diner

Best Breakfast Band Box Diner

Best Brunch Kado no Mise

Best Pancakes Swedish Pancakes at Taste of Scandinavia

Best Coffee Shop Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar

Best Cafe Cafe Astoria

Best Coffee Roaster Dogwood Coffee Co.

Best Rock Band Scrunchies

Best Vocalist Dua Saleh

Best Songwriter Dessa

Best Live Band Gay Witch Abortion

Best Album 'Double Negative' by Low

Best Single "Nothing Gets Me High" by Bad Bad Hats

Best EP 'Sleep Receiver' by the Cult of Lip

Best Music Compilation 'Dismembered & Unarmed'

Best Album Art 'Sasa' by Maria Isa

Best Record Label Forged Artifacts

Best Sports Team St. Thomas Football

Best Coach Bruce Boudreau

Best Lynx Player Maya Moore

Best Timberwolves Player Karl-Anthony Towns

Best Twins Player Eddie Rosario

Best Vikings Player Adam Thielen

Best Wild Player Matt Dumba

Best College Athlete Kenisha Bell

Best Sports Talk Radio Personality Carl Gerbschmidt

Best Sports Fan Bruce McGuire